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Computer Chair provides comfortable seating for working on computers. Chairs are ergonomically designed for those who spend long periods of time behind a desk or computer. Sitting in a proper chair reduces physical stress and enhances mental capacity which promotes greater efficiency and productivity. The elegant design of the computer chairs match with the design of the lumbar cushions and the back of the chairs. FreeMax computer chairs have been adopted by many government departments and enterprises.

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Ergonomic low-back computer chair vs. regular computer chair

Someone said, “The folding stool and the round stool are still a stool, Why need a special computer chair?”

In modern society, most people work at least 8 hours a day. During these 8 hours, they will likely sit in the same posture. The general round stool or folding stool does not have a good support, and the body will be leaning forward unconsciously if prolonged sitting. This will cause various physical problems over time, ranging from low back pain in the initial stage to arthritis, sciatica, bone spurs and more. If you need to sit for a long time at work and want to keep your body healthy, an ergonomic computer chair is definitely your best choice. Although professional ergonomic computer chairs are more expensive than ordinary computer chairs in price, the former is definitely far superior to ordinary computer chairs in terms of functionality and durability. Some people say that health is priceless. An ergonomic computer chair can accurately support the user’s body and greatly reduce the speed of intervertebral disc degeneration caused by prolonged sitting. It can be said that computer chairs are linked to the health of the body. Instead of spending money to see a doctor, why not buy a better chair and be kind to yourself.

The most basic function of the computer chair is to allow the user to maintain a correct sitting posture, reduce the burden on the spine, and reduce the damage to the body caused by prolonged sitting. But what’s the difference between a regular computer mesh chair and an ergonomic low-back computer chair?

Personalized adjustment flexibility

The ergonomic design can be said to be an advanced version of the general mesh chair. Greatly improve the shortcomings of ordinary computer chairs that are prone to sedentary discomfort. Everyone has a different body shape. How can a single chair without adjustment be able to satisfy everyone? The biggest feature of an ergonomically designed computer chair is that the chair can be fine-tuned according to the user’s body shape, from the most basic sitting. The height of the chair can be raised and lowered, the back of the chair can be tilted, the height of the armrest can be adjusted, and so on. It is far different from those basic computer chairs costing only hundreds of dollars on the market that can only be lifted and adjusted in height. The ergonomic low-back computer chair aims to fit the curve of the human spine and fit the natural shape of the human body. Each computer chair is equipped with high adjustability, such as the armrests of the Fairy 209 computer chair. Users can adjust the height of the armrests by themselves, to share the weight on the shoulders. The back of the Flo computer chair has a reclining function, allowing your waist to lean on and relax at any time.

Safety performance

There have been a lot of news about the explosion of the air bar, the damage level can even blow up a computer desktop to a mess. Gu Donglan, a technical expert from the testing and certification agency SGS, pointed out: “Some low-quality pneumatic rods often have insufficient nitrogen purity. In the case of high temperature in summer or frequent lifting of seats, the pressure in the pneumatic rod suddenly rises, which can easily lead to explosions.” In order to keep costs down, cheap computer chairs will use lower-end versions of materials, but they are in danger. The advanced version of the ergonomic computer chair can generally sit for three to five or seven years, and there is a guarantee on the material. Overall, the computer chair is about your own health.

If you use it for a long time, there is still a chance of discomfort caused by sitting for a long time due to insufficient or inaccurate support. To put it simply, a computer chair with ergonomic elements allows users to make various fine-tuning adjustments according to their actual needs to reduce the burden on the body caused by prolonged sitting.