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Gaming Chair / Ergonomic Gaming Office chair was inspired by the world’s best racing cars, manufactured under strict quality standards, ergonomically designed to offer our customers the ultimate level of luxury and comfort gaming seats. It is sure to become your seat of choice for working and relaxing.

Our esports gaming chair is the premium choice for the discerning individual, built ergonomically and with painstaking attention to detail. We have concluded 5 ways to evaluate the Gaming Chair.

In FreeMAX, the best Gaming Chair you’ve ever seen.

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Gaming chairs make a difference

Esports players usually sit for hours under intense pressure to perform at the highest levels. Gaming chairs Gaming seat help to keep players fresh, motivated, and provide consistent comfort while preventing soreness after long sessions. Thus a premium gaming chair is definitely one of the most important pieces in a pro gaming setup.

Gaming chairs and office chairs share many basic similarities, like casters, swiveling bases, armrests, and a variety of adjustable settings. An office chair tends to be simple and low profile in design, while a gaming chair places more of an emphasis on style. Many gaming chairs have the flashy look of race cars with bright accent colors. Structurally, a gaming chair has an additional range of features that are specific to video gaming, such as steering wheel mounts, headphone output, with built-in speakers or Bluetooth compatibility. It is specially designed with a wide range of comfort-maximizing features, including high level of back recline, detachable lumbar and head pillows, high and winged backrest, highly adjustable armrests etc. for long hours playing video games. An office chair rather focuses on sophisticated and ergonomic design to maintain productivity during long days in the office. The choice of materials are different too. An ergonomic office chair usually comes in mesh, leather & fabric, while a gaming chair is more likely made of PU or real leather supported by high density foam. If you identify yourself as a heavy gamer, a gaming chair should be your choice; if you opt for a business-appropriate choice, an office chair will fit your needs.

Freemax’s gaming chairs are manufactured under strict quality standards, with world class brands available like DXRacer. All of our esports chairs are built ergonomically and with painstaking attention to detail, which is the premium choice for the discerning individual.

How to choose the right gaming chair?

The price of gaming chairs on the market can have big difference. Many brands have launched their own gaming chairs, each of which has some differences in design functions other than appearance. We have sorted out 4 key points. Before buying, you can find out whether they can achieve what you need.

Point 1: Gaming Chair Legs

The legs of gaming chairs are much wider than those of general computer chairs, and the materials are mainly divided into nylon and aluminum alloys. The two materials have their own characteristics. It is not always true that aluminum alloy must be the best, but the bearing capacity of metal materials is definitely higher than that of nylon feet. Most of the inside of the foot seat adopts a staggered structure to increase stability and reliability, and the load-bearing capacity of the two is between 90-135 kg.

When purchasing, pay attention to whether the material of the foot seat will be very thin. If the material of the foot seat is too thin, it may break when the loading is too high.

Point 2: Recycled Sponges vs Native Styling Sponges

Some netizens shared that they tried to buy a gaming chair at a low price, but the sponge collapsed quickly. When dismantling it, it was found that the manufacturer used recycled sponge to replace the original sponge. A recycled and rebuilt sponge is easy to deform and may contain some harmful substances inside. It is recommended that gaming chairs made from original stereotyped sponge. Although the price is higher, the original stereotyped sponge needs to be customized by opening the mold, and the density or resilience of the sponge is higher than that of the recycled sponge.

Point 3: High-back gaming chair frame

Before purchasing a gaming chair, you can check with the salesman about the frame material used in the gaming chair. Gaming chairs are high backs, ergonomically designed, and share the pressure on the spine. The main function of the skeleton is to increase the bearing capacity of the chair and the position of the fixed sponge to support the human body. The main skeleton materials of the gaming chairs on the market are wood and metal frames. Gaming chairs with metal frames are more balanced in force, and the bearing capacity is greatly improved.

Point 4: armrest function

Game requires a long time to use the mouse and keyboard. The armrest that supports the elbow is very important. With the armrest having lifting function, the height of the handle can be adjusted to a suitable height. If the armrest can slide and angle, it will be more adaptable to the player’s needs, protect the player’s elbow to avoid strain.