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Gaming desk is designed with ergonomic concept, the front panel can be inclined to a certain degree for excellent comfort to wrist and smooth controlling of mouse and keyboard. It:

  • reduces potential physical damage in long-term training.
  • helps gamers to gain more focus
  • is a Must have for professional game players

Our Gaming desks are hands down the best gaming desks for console & PC gamers. Also, the only one that can bring you to experience the combination between Gaming Chair and Desk. Totally redefining your gaming experience.

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【What is the difference between an e-sports Gaming Desk and a computer table?】

The purpose of the e-sports Gaming Desk is to allow e-sports players to enjoy the game world comfortably. Every e-sports product on the market is linked to the cool and handsome light effect of RGB. Of course, the e-sports Gaming Desk is also one of them. As a local e-sports brand, G-Go has successfully awarded as the designated brand of different e-sports events. The design of its own gaming desk gives full play to its e-sports qualities, and at the same time, it is equipped with ergonomic elements to ensure that every e-sports player can focus more on each game.  Following are the differences between gaming desks and general computer desks.

Desktop stability

Compared with computer desks in the general market, e-sports desks are more prominent in terms of stable performance. Since the current multiplayer online battle arena games (MOBA) and first-person shooter games (FPS) are the most mainstream game types, these two Large types of games need to move the mouse quickly and accurately to aim at the designated target, so the four flat points of the e-sports platform feet will be equipped with anti-scratch floor adjustment feet. In addition, among the many gaming tables on the market, the G-Go GDTS-4 gaming table is innovatively designed. It is the first to create a special adjustable table for gaming. Maintain an ergonomic angle and move the mouse more smoothly.

Built-in RGB mood lighting

RGB lighting effect is the most important part of e-sports elements, and almost any e-sports equipment will add this element. For laymen, RGB is just a show-off function, which is meaningless, but for serious players, RGB is An attitude towards games, creating an immersive experience for players and enhancing player engagement. From a visual aesthetics perspective, RGB lighting effects can adapt to the design of every living room and any room. Create complementary backlighting for your keyboard and mouse. This is also the biggest feature to distinguish between e-sports consoles and computer consoles. Players will consider one of the factors.

Adjustable Desk height

Some e-sports consoles are equipped with lifting functions, which are mainly divided into manual lifting and electric lifting systems on the market. Players can adjust the height of their seats according to their own needs. GDTS-4 or GDTS-4F, these two manual height adjustment gaming consoles, the height of the desktop can be controlled at 71/73/75/77/79/81/83cm, and the height adjustment of multiple stages can definitely match your height, and The price is also relatively affordable.

Headphone cup hanger

A series of e-sports peripherals such as e-sports headsets, handlebars, and microphone are essential for games. If you place it on the table casually, high chance of them being crushed and causing loss, the table will also become cluttered, especially if the gaming desk is used as a desk and other uses. The headphone hanger or water cup holder etc. Storage tools are therefore worthy.

Before purchasing, please balance the size of the gaming desk you need to buy according to the size and quantity of the screen. The e-sports gaming desk we provide are mainly divided into 1 meter and 1.2 meters in size. If you only have a 27-inch or less computer screen, we would recommend that you buy a 1-meter gaming desk. Of course, many players have two or two monitors or are using a curved gaming monitor. We would recommend a 1.2-meter gaming desk.