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A Monitor Arm allows adjusting the monitor stand to keep the monitor at a comfortable eye level. A comfortable level prevents you from hunching over when working at your desk. A good monitor arm can reduce twisting to your spine and overextending of your neck, which can lead to back and neck problem. It is suitable for WFH use.

Why we should not lay on the chair backrest when using computers? Most people are not aware their monitors are not in correct level when lay backrest. Our body have to lean forward and backward if the monitor is not in right eye level.

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Monitor arm has become an important equipment in work place nowadays, it can allow you to find your most comfortable, ergonomic working posture and wonderful relief for your eyes.

Monitor Stands allows you to adjust the monitor height, depth and angle. An ergonomic monitor arm contributes to greater productivity. It can attach to your desk and raise your computer monitor to your personal ideal height, you can develop your own working style easily, — you can stand, sit or do a mix.

There are countless brands of monitor arms on the market. How do you choose the one that suits you? FreeMAX’s multi-monitor arms can support single, dual, and even six computer monitors, perfectly taking care of your different needs. The desk monitor stand can be simply installed on the table, and the computer screen can be easily lifted or moved left and right. The monitor arm can also avoid neck pain and hunchback caused by shoulder and neck pressure.

FreeMAX’s computer display screen stand is in line with the international standard VESA mount, compatible with 75X75 and 100X100, suitable for most computer monitors on the market. The frame contains multiple movable joints, so that the screen can be adjusted in multiple directions, which can meet the needs of different angles, heights and distances of the screen in different situations of users. Among them, LDT14 is equipped with a wire management system, which can facilitate users to store wires and make the desktop more tidy and clean.