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Our Standing Desk Converter is an ergonomic desk soloution to help you create an active workspace for more energizing and productive. We have everything you need to create a flexible active office, include manual and electrical types.

A famous U.K Doctor indicates “Standing for three hours a day, has the same health benefits as 10 marathons a year. And a user reflected “it was a misunderstanding that some people thing standing harm to their health. In concluding different articles and reports, we recommend our customers Sit-Stand alternately when they working.

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Standing desk converters, also known as desktop risers or toppers, are adjustable units that you place on top of your existing desk. They give you the option of standing without getting rid of or moving your current desk.

You can change your working environment with expected budget, you do not need dispose your current table. All of  our standing desk converters are ready to go right out of box. It is suitable for people who do not want to spend time to assemble furniture. Moreover, a standing desk converter allow you change location flexible, you can just place the  standing desk converter on the top of another desk, dining table or even the kitchen counter. There are many pros to getting a standing desk converter, you can increase your working productivity levels and even improve longevity.

FreeMAX standing desk converter helps improve your posture and protect your spine, also it can reduce back and neck pain caused by poor posture while sitting. Also, standing can help burn more calories than sitting still. Start your healthy work joinery with FreeMax standing desk converter now.