Create your own style with over hundreds of colours

FreeMAX laminated plywood with high flexiblity, which provides various patterns including but not limited to woodgrainsm textile, stones and many other timeless design to match different interior styles. We provide more than 300 board colors, different color of frame and 3 desk edge shape options. You can create a unique and personalized table easily.

Desktop Colour: To download Colour swatches, click here.

The feature of Laminated Plywood

Laminated plywood is made up of many layers of hardwood bonded together, it is more lighter and stiffer than chipboard . The layers are bounded and pressurized with alternating grain direction, called cross banding. This makes a strong, rigid, lightweight sheet with excellent holding capability and not easy to cause deformation. Also, laminated plywood has strong moisture proof function, not easy to affect by heating expansion and cold contraction, it is very suitable for Hong Kong environment.


High Quality Assurance

FreeMAX laminated plywood is water repellent and aniti-scratch. The desktop board can keep as good as new even after long-term use. FreeMAX laminated plywood is using advanced permanent color technology, which make the desktop board not easy to fade and  discolouration. It has also passed the EU BSEN438 test report, which can reisit sunlight, steam, high temperature and impact damage effectively.

Various types of functions

FreeMAX laminated plywood has various types of functions, including anti-bacterial, self- cleaning, anti-fingerprint and resistance to scarching. It has applied the Nano-technology into the production and created the anti-fingerprint series, not limited to fringerprints, most of the oils and stains can be removed easily by just a wipe. Fingerprints left on the finish will vanish themselves in several seconds as the nano-coating prevented oils and dirt to penetrate the surfaces, remaining a clean look for your interior.

International certifications

FreeMAX laminated plywood obtained several international certifications, including passed Hong Kong fire-resistant indoor building materials fire resistance standards and fire-resistant board performance testing . The desktop board are made from E0 grade blockboard and high-pressire laminate, which is one of the highest formaldehyde emission standards for plyood and blockboard. Our desktop board also can be used in hospitals, facilities for the elderly and children.

Which Frame is suitable for Me?

The Key difference between the Standing desk is the electric and the manual crank.

Manual Crank Standing Desk, The hand cranks are “hide-away” types that can be hidden while not in use. Manual standing desks are a great option to consider if you want to save a few hundred dollars, and they take only a few seconds longer to raise and lower than their electrically-adjustable counterparts.

Electric Standing Desk comes with a motor design, Ease your standing desk into the perfect height without making too much noise.

The Standing desk Frame is width-adjustable, Allowing you to custom-set the spacing between the legs when you assembly your desk. The A6-N2-XS and A6-Homey going from 1000 to 1500mm desk board and A6-N2, A6-N3, and A6-MC going from 1200 to 1800 desk board.

Choose between two electric frame types: Single Motor or Dual Motor. Both are equally stable. The key difference between the two is the lifting speed and the capacity.

Comparison between Different Models of Standing Desks Frame:

Electric Frame control panel:

Memory Button – The control panel comes with 4 Memory Buttons. Once at the desired height, press the “M” button and select the numbered buttons to save your settings. You can save up to four height preferences in seconds. This easy adjustment means you’ll have more time to get work done.

LED Touchscreen – This display will turn off automatically after 30 seconds. A dark display screen equals fewer distractions and means you’ll have more time to concentrate on what’s important to you.

Manual Crank:

Free from a power supply,you just need to rotate the crank to adjust the standing desk from 720-1200mm.

A6 custom-Lifting system-infographic
Standing Desk Accessories-(CHI)

Supporting equipment:

The Clamp-on Power Outlet with USB Charger is a two-in-one power solution that gets multiple outlets closer to your desktop and having outlets within arms reach makes them just plain convenient too.

We have different options to suit your individual needs. Including Monitor Arms,  CPU Holders, Lock Castor and etc.

Tips for Stay Organized:

Our cable management tools help keep your desk looking clean and organized. Every Standing Desk includes two grommets to get you started. We suggested adding a Cable Management Tray under your desktop. Group all the cords through your grommets, stow cables, wires, outlet strips in your Cable Tray.

Width Adjustable:

The Standing Desk Frame is width-adjustable, going from 1000 to 1500mm or 1200 to 1800mm, and allowing you to custom-set the spacing between the legs when you assembly your desk.

Desktop size:Width: 1000 – 2000mm ; Depth:600 – 800mm

Height Range: 645mm ~ 1295 mm (not including the desktop)

Base Frame Width: 100cm ~ 160 cm

Max. speed: 20 – 38 mm/s

Lift Capacity: 80 – 120 kg

Duty Cycle: max 2 minutes on / 18 minutes off

Input Voltage: 100 ~ 240 v

Output Voltage: 24V DC2.0A

Desktop Colour:

To download Colour swatches, click here.

Frame Colour: (Only A6-N2 available for the Grey Frame)

Desk Edge Shape:(Double Bevel/ Rounded/ Semi-cove)


10 Years for the frame; 10 Years for electrical parts.

A6-MC (2 Years for the frame)

A6-Custom Standing Desk (Laminated Plywood)

A6-Custom Standing Desk (Laminated Plywood)

From $3,980.00