A6 Series Plus TT Model Standing Desk User Guide

Stand Table - Sit, stand, lean, stretch - Be your healthy active self at work.

A6-Homey Plus TT /XS standing desk is a stand table with a flexible size for the Hong Kong family. With the height-adjustable design, it gives you a healthier, comfortable, and efficient work pattern. Sitting or standing for work is just your choice, let our adjustable height desks bring you a comfortable and appropriate sit or stand work model.

Simple control panel

7 Button operation, including up, down and memory settings.

4 Height memory button.

Height display for precise height adjustment.

Enjoy lasting durability more than 20,000 uses.

Smooth start and stop operation

A6-Homey Plus TT / XS come with a Single-motor design, stable operation with an 80 KG weight capacity.

Ease your standing desk into the perfect height with the speed of 20mm/s without making too much noise.

Height range: 700mm-1180m (Not including the desktop)

Anti-collision Load Rebound

When encountering obstacles, it will rebound to prevent property damage or body injury. The anti-collision system is triggered when the desk is not balance over 0.7 degree to protect you can work in a safe and stable environment. The sensibility is changeable by pressing “M” + “2”, then choose 2 ~ 4 (2 is the most sensitive), or 1 for turn off the anti-collision system (not recommended for most case).

Safety Lock Function

This safety feature allows you to lock the control panel to prevent unwanted operations of the desk. Press and hold “3” and “4” for 3 seconds to turn on/ off the safety lock function.

Durable (Black / White)

The steel frames are coated with durable powder coating in color of black or white.

Width Adjustable

The A6-Homey Plus TT / XS Frame is width-adjustable, going from 800 to 1500mm, and allowing you to custom-set the spacing between the legs when you assembly your desk.

Aluminum Drive Rod

The 20mm dia. aluminum driving rod sleeve made of durable aluminum alloy, to ensure durability, quietly and  lifting accurately to the height you need.

Desktop size:Width: 800/ 1000/ 1200/ 1500mm; Depth:600mm(Width:800/ 1000/1200mm) 700mm (Width:1200 /1500mm)

(size can be customized for order 5 sets +)

Height Range: 700mm ~ 1180mm (not including the desktop)

Base Frame Width: 80cm ~ 140cm

Max. speed: 20 mm/s

Lift Capacity: 80 kg

Duty Cycle: max 2 minutes on / 18 minutes off

Input Voltage: 100 ~ 240v

Output Voltage: 24V DC2.0A

Desktop Colour:

Frame Colour :


10 Years for the frame; 10 Years for electrical parts.

A6-Homey Plus TT Standing Desk

A6-Homey Plus TT Standing Desk

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