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A6-MC is an entry level of standing desk. It is a model of equipped with a hand crank. It adopts a simple cog and wheel system, without any electric system. You need to rotate the rod for raising or lower the height of the standing desk.

Simple operation

Let’s start with the base. The hand cranks are “hide-away” types that can be hidden while not in use. Manual standing desks are a great option to consider if you want to save a few hundred dollars, and they take only a few seconds longer to raise and lower than their electrically-adjustable counterparts.

Free from a power supply

The A6-MC is operated manually. No limit to the location use.
Height range: 710mm-1160mm (Not including the desktop)


The steel frames are coated with durable powder coating in color of black or white.


The A6-MC frame is width-adjustable, going from 1200 to 1800, and allowing you to custom-set the spacing between the legs when you construct your desk.

Desktop size:Width: 1200/ 1500/ 1800mm; Depth: 700mm (size can be customized for order 5 sets +)

Standard Stroke: 450 mm

Speed: 7 mm/1 round

Height Range: 720 ~ 1200 mm

Lift Weight: 80kg

Desktop Colour:

Frame Colour :

2 Years Structural Warranty

A6-MC Crank Type Standing Desk

A6-MC Crank Type Standing Desk

From $2,580.00