A7-L Plus Standing Desk Introduction

A7-L Standing Desk User Guide

Stand Table - Sit, stand, lean, stretch - Be your healthy active self at work.

A7 -L Plus Standing desk is a stand stable with a L shape for commercial use. With the height-adjustable design, it gives you a healthier, comfortable, and efficient work pattern. Sitting or standing for work is just your choice, let our adjustable height desks bring you a comfortable and appropriate sit or stand work model.

Simple control panel

7 Button operation, including up, down and memory settings.

4 Height memory button.

Height display for precise height adjustment.

Enjoy lasting durability more than 20,000 uses.

Anti-collision Load Rebound

When encountering obstacles, it will rebound to prevent property damage or body injury. The anti-collision system is triggered when the desk is not balance over 0.7 degree to protect you can work in a safe and stable environment. The sensibility is changeable by pressing “M” + “2”, then choose 2 ~ 4 (2 is the most sensitive), or 1 for turn off the anti-collision system (not recommended for most case).

Smooth start and stop operation

A7-L Plus comes with a dual-motors design, stable operation with an 100 KG weight capacity.

Ease your standing desk into the perfect height with the speed of 40mm/s without making too much noise.

Height range: 710mm-1170m (Not including the desktop)

Durable (Black / White)

The steel frames are coated with durable powder coating in color of black or white.

Width Adjustable

The A7-L Plus Frame is width-adjustable, going from 1400 to 1600mm, and allowing you to custom-set the spacing between the legs when you assembly your desk.

Comparsion between Different Models of Standing Desks

Product Details:

Desktop Width Size: 1400mm x 1100mm / 1600mm x 1100mm

Desktop Depth Size: 700mm / 500mm ; 700mm / 600mm

Custom Desktop Size

Width Size : 1100-1600mm x 950-1100mm

Depth Size:600-700mm / 500-600mm


Height Range:710mm ~ 1170mm (not including the desktop)

Max. speed: 40mm/s

Lift Capacity: 100 kg

Duty Cycle: max 2 minutes on/ 18 minutes off

Input Voltage: 100 ~ 230v

Output Voltage: 24V DC2.0A

Desktop Colour:

 Frame Colour:

10 Years for the frame; 10 Years for electrical parts.

A7-L Plus Standing Desk

A7-L Plus Standing Desk

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