AREO Ergonomic Seating Features:

Headrest and Lumbar support

Areo – H ergonomic chair adopted The New Generation Molding Sponge filled in the Lumbar support and headrest. Better support and More Comfortable.

Height adjustable Lumbar Support: Can effective support your lower back, relief your muscles pain. The lumbar support can be adjusted up and down to meet the different height of people.

(Additional Items) 2D Headrest: Provide a better support of your head, helping to alleviate your head and neck pressure.

Backrest Recline Adjustment

Pull outward the lever which under the right side of your seat, to adjust the backrest recline angle and there are 3 locking positions. Push inward the lever and lock it securely.

Please adjust the tension according to your physical size and preference before enjoying the backrest recline function.

Turn the Knob clockwise to increase the backward bounce and

Counterclockwise rotation to reduce backward bounce.

Seat Depth Adjustable

You can adjust Areo Ergonomic chair’s seat depth to help you maintain proper back support.

Suitable for 1.5m – 2m heights users.

Height Adjustable Armrests

Adjust your armrest height can easily position your wrists in neutral. A neutral wrist is one where the hand is an extension of the forearm, and your wrist neither flexes down nor extends up to enable you to reach a keyboard or mouse.

AREO Ergonomic Seating Size

Additional information

Color (顏色)

Black, White

1 Year Structural Warranty

AERO- M Ergonomic Seating (No Headrest)

AERO- M Ergonomic Seating (No Headrest)

From $1,280.00