Product introduction:

Dynamic Balance Movement

With the synchronous swing function of the backrest and seat, the seat can be accompanied by 360° natural movement of the body, users can carry out joint and muscle activities continuously and stably.

Whether used at home or in the office, it can provide users with effective waist and back support and feel relaxed and comfortable.

Ergonomic Design

Basto is designed for the Asian, a distinct waist and a curved back with a clear lumbar support.

Backrest Tilt Adjustment

Basto recline to reduce the pressure on discs and muscles, allowing you to relax and reduce the strain on your back.

Basto-2D Headrest

2D Headrest (Additional Purchase)

With a headrest help to reduce pain associated with working long hours, also help to protect you from the neck, shoulder, and back pain which are some of the most common problems associated with using an office chair for a long period of time.

Super Slim Backrest Frame

Exquisite detail design, neutral style adapt to most office using environment.

Italian Special Customized Yarn

Independent development special mesh. Full Chenille Yarn, touching feeling are as soft as cotton.

4D Armrest

The armrests can be adjusted to such a height that the armrests and your elbow joints can form right angles to support your long-time use of computer mice.

Seat Depth Adjustable

Pressing the button on the left side of the seat will activate the seat depth adjustment.
Sliding chair seat with body strength, release the button at the proper position will lock the seat.

Height Adjustable Lumbar Support

The adjustable lumbar support able to adjust the height or location of the lumbar support to target the precise area of the back

Basto Dynamic Seating Specification:

Size: 62cm (W) x 61m (D) x 100-110cm (H)

Material: Italian Special Customized Yarn

Based Material: Aluminium

Basto Dynamic Seating Manual: Download

Additional information

Seat Frame(椅子框架)

Black, White

HeadRest (頭枕)

No, Yes

Backrest/Seat (網布/座墊)

Black, Blue/Grey, Grey/Grey

Basto Dynamic Seating Specification:

Size: 62cm (W) x 61cm (D) x 100-110cm (H)

Material: Italian Special Customized Yarn

Based Material: Aluminium


1-Year Structural Warranty

Basto Dynamic Seating (no headrest) (Display)

Basto Dynamic Seating (no headrest) (Display)

$2,580.00 $1,806.00