Kid’s Study Desk – Enjoy is ergonomically designed for comfortable sitting and proper body positioning which is important in maintaining good health even from a young age.

Enjoy desk - Height adjustable (CHI)

Growth together

The desktop can be adjusted from 52cm to 76cm in height, which is suitable for 3-18 year-old children. The desk grows together with children.

You just need to turn the hand crank for raising or lowering the height of the desk.

Perfect angle for reading, writing and drawing

Enjoy Kid’s Adjustable Desk can adjust the desktop angle depending on children different needs. Desktop can be positioned at any angle between 0 and 60 degrees.

Enjoy Desk- book shelf


Enjoy kid’s adjustable desk comes with a single-layer bookshelves, providing more storage for the learning materials. A book holder is built-in at the middle of the bookshelf. The reading angle of the book holder can also be adjusted.

Extra large storage

An extra large drawer is provided under the desktop.  We suggest to store the stationery in the front compartment, while the larger learning material at the rear.  The desk can always be kept clean and tidy.

Enjoy Desk- Desk Tray
Enjoy Desk- school bag hook

School bag hanger

There are school bag hangers on both sides of the desk. Place the school bag in place after use, helps to cultivate a sense of responsibility in children.

Easy to move

Casters make you easy to move the desk in your home.

Enjoy desk - caster
Enjoy Desk - Deskboard

Safe and durable

The desktop of enjoy adjustable study desk is made of laminated E0 particle board. The features are durable, easy to clean, and no toxic materials release.


Size: 66cm (D) x 90cm (W) x 52-76cm (H)

Built in: Drawer storage

Color: Blue and White, Pink and White

Weight: ~20KG

Tilt angle: 0-65°


1 Year Structural Warranty

Enjoy-D Adjustable Study Desk

Enjoy-D Adjustable Study Desk

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