Enjoy- T Adjustable Kid’s Chair User Guide

Bionics dynamic spine spring design

Enjoy T using bionics dynamic spine design, using different polypropylene to make resistance unique honeycomb structure design, ensure the supporting  function of the backrest while changing with the movement of child body. Which can release the back pressure and help child to maintain the correct sitting posture.

Adjustable Seat and Backrest

Enjoy-T Preteen Chairs allow users to adjust the seat cushion height, depth and backrest height, which can hold different body shape and posture. Children feel tireless when study sedentary with a hold to the waist.

Seat cushion depth: 25-36cm

Seat cushion height: 43cm – 52cm

Backrest height: 85-94cm

Foldable and height adjustable Armrest

Enjoy T designs with a folable and height adjustable armrest, which can relieve  stress on the user’s head and neck, arms, back and shoulders. Also, it is  space saving. (Pull up the armrest and push the chair under the table)

Four-proof and elastic fabric

Enjoy T’s seat cushion is made of four-proof knitted fabric, which is  anti liquid splashes, anti oil, anti fouling, and antibacterial. The seat cushion is high elastic, breathable and easy to clean. Even if the liquid is spilled on the chair, just wipe it off with a towel.

Advanced mesh design

Enjoy T ‘s backrest is using German tech mesh technology  with 150,000 times wear tests. Make sure the backrest is constant elasticity for long-term and close to the skin. The mesh chair design provides proper ventilation keeping the user cool, comfortable and dry even in hot weather.

Safety Materials

All plastic parts of Enjoy T are selected according to greenguard’s  standard for environmental safety in kindergartens. Ensure child can grow up in a health and safe environment.

Suitable for most tables

Enjoy T Preteen Chair is suitable for most tables, which allow child to match with a 67-85cm standing desk, dinning table and study table.


Size : 62cm (D) x cm 54(W) x 85-94cm (H)

Seat cushion depth: 25-36cm

Seat cushion height: 43cm – 52cm

Backrest height:85-94cm

Capacity : 80kg

Base : Nylon Base

Seat cushion: High elastic sponge

Color: Grey fabric

1 Year of Structural Warranty

Enjoy – T Preteen Chair

Enjoy – T Preteen Chair

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