Relieve stress on your spine

‧ This back stretch support is to promote the healthy spine, simple and easy to use. It can help stretch the muscles, and relieve muscle tension due to excessive bending and spine arrangement of the pain caused by bad posture. It is recommended to use every day, especially after sitting or lying prolonged activity.

‧ Th slot in the middle of the back stretch support help to stabilize the spine right on the device.

‧ Adjustable height in 3 different level

Infographic explaining how to use the back support

Size: 38.5×25.4cm
Base: 38.5×25.3×1.1cm
Top piece: 38.5×25.3×2.1cm
Material: PVC
Color: Black

No Warranty available.

FLEXI-BACK Multi-level Back Stretching Device

FLEXI-BACK Multi-level Back Stretching Device