Chairs are among the necessity in any home or in the workplace. A good chair should always be comfortable and must be of design of safety and utility. A good ergonomic computer chair whether used at home or in the office should satisfy the health and comfort of the user which correspondingly leads to productivity. (Choosing Your Ergonomic Chair)

Tiltable Backrest

Seat Height Adjustable

Breathable Material

Simple but stylish

Certified for strength & durability according to SGS and TUV

Additional information

Installation (安裝)

No, Yes

Flo Specification

Size:60cm(D) x 60cm(W) x 90-99cm(H)

Material: Made with breathable material

Color: Grey

No Warranty available.

FreeMAX – Flo

FreeMAX – Flo

From $1,088.00