Coolest design

GDTS inspired by different eSports Stars and the surroundings, designing the

coolest stylish accessory for you. Connect your virtual reality life.

GDTS-1, Desk RGB effect

Visual experience

RGB color, Gaming Effect, Gaming Desk light effect

Our Gaming Desk GDTS-1 offers 7 RGB lighting colors (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple, Light Blue, White) with 11 different effects (Vibration, Speed, Breathing mode). All controlled by RF wireless remote controller, to create virtual reality atmosphere. Play your own style.

Ergonomic Design

Players spend a lot of time on training. We consider the comfort when they using the computer and therefore ergonomic elements is an essential part of our consideration.

GDTS – 1 allows you to adjust the desk height (72/ 75/ 79/ 82cm).

Circular arc at the front allows the player’s body as close as the main using area for easy to reach the keyboard and mouse, and a better view to the monitor.

Ergonomic design, Ergonomic Desk, Gaming Desk, Adjustable Gaming Desk

Cable Management

The guides on the frame allow your cables to be fixed along the frame. The cable holders underneath the desk make you cable well organized.

Inclined Edge

The side desk protector can prevent objects from falling. The 15-degree inclined edge provides the optimal angle to rest your forearm and reduce physical fatigue. GDTS aims the players can be staying focused on game performance.

Headset Holder

All models of GDTS include a headset holder. Slots on the side desk protector are provided to well fix your legendary headset and the remote control on the desk.

Novel design

GDTS adopted the new L-Shaped tube to assemble integrated design, to reduce the floor abrasion and stabilize the structure. GDTS also adopted Carbon Fiber texture, which is waterproof and durable, it met European standards – Formaldehyde Content Class E1. Protecting the player health.

Gaming Mousepad Design

The G-GO gaming mouse pad (700mm x 300mm) allows player placing both of their keyboard and mouse on the mouse pad. The mouse pad surface was designed as Semi-coarse Texture, it was smooth and wear-resisting. The bottom is made of premium non-slip rubber, to guarantee the player can demonstrate their outstanding manipulate skills. Shutdown all the enemies.

Additional information

size (尺寸)

1.2m x 0.65m, 1m x 0.65m

配置 Specification:

尺寸 (Size)                      : 1200mm (長) x 650mm(寬) / 1000mm (長) x 650mm(寬)

高度 (Height)                  : 720/ 750/ 790/ 820mm (可調教 Adjustable)

重量 (Weight)                 : 30KG

承重 (Capacity)              : 100KG

燈光 (Light)                     : LED

面板材料 (Material)       : 碳纖紋路防水面板  (E1 級環保低甲醛物料)

                                             NDF with Carbon fiber texture (E1 Class)

配件 (Accessories)        : 配大尺寸電競專用滑鼠墊 / 耳機架

                                             Mouse Pad and Headset holder

GDTS-1 電競桌-Main Photo

1 Year Structural Warranty

G-Go GDTS-1 Gaming Desk

G-Go GDTS-1 Gaming Desk