GDTS-E1 Cover Photo
adjust Memory,

Adjustable control panel

GDTS-E1 Electric Adjustable Gaming Desk adpoted with dual motor design, provides 4 memory setting for adjusting the desktop height. Ease your standing desk into the perfect height without making too much noise.

RGB Lighting Storage Slot

GDTS-E1 Gaming Desk has a built-in RGB mobile device storage slot for your mobile or Tablets. The RGB lighting effects controlled by APP, more than 100 color effect to create your unique personal stylish

GDTS-4-Extra USB Slot

Multi-functional cable tray

GDTS-E1 comes with 4 USB ports at the front of the cable tray. Players can be used for connecting mouse, keyboards or speakers. Moreover, there is a headset hanger under neath the USB port

Maximize desktop space

Height range: 720mm-1200m (Not including the desktop)

Adjustable, 升降
Anti-collision, 防撞系統

Anti-Collision System

Our new height adjustment system comes with the collision sensor. The sensor reacts to direct obstruction when your office desk is adjusted either up or down. It thereby safeguards your desk from material damage, should it encounter a solid object.

Safety material

GDTS-E1 Gaming Desk adopted Carbon Fiber texture, which is waterproof, durable and meet E1 Standards

Material, 物料
收納設計,Space Saving

Space Saving

The Monitor Arm can be installed into the concave design, affixed to the wall to use.

配置 Specification:

尺寸 (Size)                      : 1200mm (長) x 600mm(寬)

高度 (Height)                  : 720-1200mm (可調教 Adjustable)

承重 (Capacity)              : 100KG

燈光 (Light)                     : RGB Lighting LED

面板材料 (Material)       : 中密度纖維面板  (E1 級環保低甲醛物料)

                                             MDF with Carbon fiber texture (E1 Class)

Size, 資料

2-year structural warranty

GDTS-E1 Gaming Desk

GDTS-E1 Gaming Desk