Best choice for Pro-Gamer and office worker

G-Go ZKS-1 Gaming Chair is designed for the Asian, it adopted the S-type ergonomic high sit back to support the entire of the spine. Seat height, tilt angle, armrest direction can be adjusted according to the sitting posture of the user to provide the best comfort and support. The modern Stylish design suitable in the office or your home.

ZKS Gaming Chair-Backrest160

160° Backrest recline

G-Go ZKS-1 backrest is ergonomically designed, the backrest can be relined for gamers, or anyone to relax or rest comfortably in different position.

Height Adjustable Armrest

With height adjustable armrests offer the most comfortable support for long hours of work or gaming.

ZKS Gaming Chair-2D ARMREST
ZKS Gaming Chair-Neck and Lumbar Pillows

Ergonomic Design

Sitting in a properly fitted Gaming Chair with ergonomic design can reduce physical stress and enhance your mental focus. The Neck Pillow helps to relax your shoulder and upper back, and the Lumbar Pillow support the natural curvature of your spine.

Linen Fabric

Linen is comfortable to wear in hot weather and the biggest benefits of linen is that it is entirely antibacterial. This means that harmful bacteria and other germs have a difficult time surviving within the fine and closely woven fibers, making linen a highly desirable fabric.

ZK-1-Product features_Breathable
ZX-1-Product features_Footrest and Capacity-min

Nylon Base

ZKS-1 adopted the extra thickness Nylon Base. Also equipped with the scratchproof and silent racing wheel.

配置 Specification:

Height          : 1270-1370mm ( Adjustable)

Width           : 740mm

Weight         : 24KG

Capacity      : 200Lbs

Base             : Nylon Base

Upholster    : Fabric

Accessories : Neck & back cushion


Additional information

Color (顏色)


配置 Specification:

高度 (Height)          : 1270-1370mm (Adjustable)

闊度 (Width)           : 740mm

重量 (Weight)         : 24KG

承重 (Capacity)      : 200Lbs

腳架 (Base)             : Nylon Base

面料 (Upholster)    : Fabric

配件 (Accessories) : Neck & back cushion


1 Year Structural Warranty.

G-Go ZKS-1 Gaming Chair (FABRIC)

G-Go ZKS-1 Gaming Chair (FABRIC)

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