Ergonomic Design

Lena is designed for the Asian, a distinct waist and a curved back with a clear lumbar support.

Le-Support design

The seat consists with three parts:

1: Regular sized conical holes provides different hardness support in the sitting state.

2 and 3: The supporting point provides different buffer in the twist situation and The gap space provide buffer support under dynamic impact.

Lena-LE-SUPPORT Suspension Support

Lumbar Support

The lumbar support is naturally reacting to the user’s movement, and the height is easily adjustable by a handle.

Korea 3D Mesh

The surface is fine and smooth, bid farewell to the indentation. enjoy the soft feeling, comfortably wrapped. You can feel high elasticity and comfortable air-breathing which is more excellent than other mesh.

Lena-Korea 3D Mesh

2D Armrest

The armrests can be adjusted to such a height that the armrests and your elbow joints can form right angles to support your long-time use of computer mice.

2D Headrest

With a headrest help to reduce pain associated with working long hours, also help to protect you from the neck, shoulder, and back pain which are some of the most common problems associated with using an office chair for a long period of time.

Lena-H Ergonomic Office High Back Chair Product Specification:

Height    : 1240-1300mm (Adjustable)

Width     : 660mm

Weight   : 20KG

Capacity: 200Lbs

Base       : Nylon Base

Additional information

Color (顏色)


Lena-H Ergonomic Office High Back Chair Product Specification:

高度 (Height)          : 1240-1300mm (可調較 Adjustable)

闊度 (Width)           : 660mm

重量 (Weight)         : 20KG

承重 (Capacity)      : 200Lbs

腳架 (Base)             : 尼龍腳架 (Nylon Base)


1 Year Structural Warranty.

Lena-H Ergonomic Office High Back Chair

Lena-H Ergonomic Office High Back Chair

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