Ray Ergonomic office chair Specification:

Innovative Backrest Design

Originated depth-adjustable function provides elastic D-shape fitting support protection for the shoulder, back, and waist of the human body.

Users can easily pull out the lumbar support and adjust the seat depth, it only can be pushed back to the original position when pulling out to the maximum.

Lift the backrest to the highest level then return to the lowest position automatically. There are 14 locking positions, 5mm for each.

Backrest Recline Adjustment

Push backward the lever which under the right side of your seat, to adjust the backrest recline angle. There are 4 locking positions, push the lever to the middle and lock it securely.

Please adjust the tension according to your physical size and preference before enjoying the backrest recline function.

Turn the Knob clockwise to increase the backward bounce and

Counterclockwise rotation to reduce backward bounce.

4D Non Button Armrest

The armrests are unique in that they can be adjusted to appropriate heights based on the end user’s preference.
The armrests can be adjusted to such a height that the armrests and your elbow joints can form right angles to support your long-time use of computer mouse and keyboard.

2D Headrest

With a headrest help to reduce pain associated with working long hours, also help to protect you from the neck, shoulder, and back pain which are some of the most common problems associated with using an office chair for a long period of time.

Seat Depth Adjustable

Push the lever forward to adjust the seat depth, and push it back to the middle while to the appropriate position. There were 6 locking position and 10mm for each.

High-Quality WINTEX Mesh

High-quality mesh and fabric of ‘WINTEX’ is applied at the backrest and seatrest, so you can feel high elasticity and comfortable air-breathing which is more excellent than other mesh.

Ray 人體工學椅尺寸:

Ray-E Ergonomic Office Chair Specification :

Size: 69cm (W) x 69cm (D) x 103-128cm (H)


Mesh Color: Grey

Based Material: Nylon

Color: Black


Three Years Structural Warranty

Ray-E Ergonomic Office Chair

Ray-E Ergonomic Office Chair

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