Advanced ergonomic design

The G-Go Gaming E-sports chair has been developed with strict indicator and

adopted the S-type ergonomic high sit back to support the entire of the spine.

Seat height, tilt angle, armrest direction can be adjusted according to the sitting

posture of the user to provide the best comfort and support. Take your experience

to the next level for users who enjoy the game for a long time.

180° Backrest Recline

Inspired by racing car seats and is ergonomically designed. The backrest can be reclined for gamers, or anyone, to relax or rest comfortably in different positions.

Nylon Base

Rz2 adopted the extra thickness and the special coating on the Nylon base, which is durable and rot-proof. Also equipped with scratchproof and silent Racing wheel。

Head and Lumbar Pillows

Free neck and back cushion for every purchase of G-Go Seating.

RZ-1 introduction (Eng)

Additional information

Color (顏色)

Blue, Red

配置 Specification:

高度 (Height)          : 1270-1370mm (可調較 Adjustable)

闊度 (Width)           : 740mm

重量 (Weight)         : 24KG

承重 (Capacity)      : 200Lbs

腳架 (Base)             : 尼龍腳架 (Nylon Base)

面料 (Upholster)    : PU

配件 (Accessories) : 頸枕及腰枕 (Neck & back cushion)


1 Year Structural Warranty.

G-Go RZ-2 Gaming Chair

G-Go RZ-2 Gaming Chair