The Best Saddle Chair for Standing Desk

Sway cover picture

Hand Controlled height adjustment with gas spring;
– The rocking mechanism enables the seat to be tilted into every direction without a separate adjustment lever;
– The rocking mechanism enables the user to exercise while sitting, which adds to the mobility and metabolism of the lower back and activates the whole body;
– Recommended to all with low back pains or desire to have the healthiest possible seat for their lower back metabolism.

Sway Feature Eng-infographic
Sway scenario diagram

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Additional information

Color (顏色)

Black, Blue, Red, Beige

Material (物料)

artificial leather, leather

Air Pump Size (氣壓泵)

Medium, Short

Material: Leather
Colour: Black / Red / Blue / Beige
Weight: 13kg

Salli Sway-size-infographic

Salli Sway-size Eng-infographic

5 Years Structural Warranty.

Salli – Sway Saddle chair

Salli – Sway Saddle chair