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Standing desk / height adjustable desk/ sit stand desk /standing table is an ergonomic office desk solution to help you create an active standing workstation for a more energizing and productive workday. We have everything you need for standing desk in HK, our ergonomic office desk help you to create a flexible active office, including electric lift tables and standing desk converters, in both manual and electric standing desk.

A famous U.K Doctor indicates, standing for three hours a day has the same health benefits as 10 marathons a year. And a user reflected After using for 2 years, it was a misunderstanding that some people thing standing harm to their health. In concluding different articles and reports, we recommend our customers Sit-Stand alternately when they working.

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The Health Benefits of Good Posture

“Sitting is the new cancer” is not just a provocative headline. The American Journal of Public Health stated that long hours of sitting can not only increase the risk of chronic diseases by 10% – 20% but premature death as well. A higher risk of breast cancer, colon cancer, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity are all found associated with prolonged sitting. A sedentary lifestyle is not doing your body any favors. With less blood flow, fewer endorphin hormones circulate to your brain, prolonged sitting can affect your mental health, increase fatigue and stress levels, thus losing focus and productivity at work.

Spending all day sitting at work no doubt has many negative impacts on your health. But being on your feet constantly isn’t good for your comfort or health, either. Sit-Stand alternately helps you make the leap to a healthier work life. It is recommended to change working positions every 30 minutes by switching between standing and sitting. Standing desk or height adjustable desk is the best solution for this issue. The desk is adjustable that arbitrarily suits the height of its user in both standing and sitting positions. A good sit stand desk features stable lifting mechanism, allows user to change height level quickly and smoothly by just pushing the button. Standing desk not only benefits to your body and muscles but also keeps your mind more active and alert. It is a worthy investment to boost productivity and safeguard a lifetime of good health.

Freemax offers a broad selection of standing desk solutions to suit any workspace, including L-shaped standing desk, standing desk converter, dual monitors arm etc. We have the best collection of height adjustable desks with loads of choices for desktop sizes, frames and colors, as well as multiple add-on accessories to meet your needs, you can truly make your sit stand desk in your own style.

Features of our Standing Desk / Adjustable desk

Simple control panel –

7 Button operation, including up, down, 4 height memory button and height display for precise height adjustment.

Safe Anti-collision Load Rebound –

Superior anti-collision sensitivity. When encountering obstacles during operation, the desk will rise/down to the opposite direction to prevent damage or injury. The anti-collision senor can detect the change of desk balance which is over 0.7 degree, make sure you can work in a safe and stable environment.

Smooth operation –

our range of standing desk available in single motor, dual motor, hand crank and gaslift with maximum loading capacity upto 120kg while the maximum speed is upto 38mm/s with the operation sound is less than 50db.

Width adjustable –

Almost all of our standing desk can be adjusted in width. That means you can change your table top size whenever you require without changing the desk frame.

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